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Turbo Props - Charter Turbo Props
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Turbo Props

Turbo Props for Air Charter – Cessna Caravan, Beechcraft King Air 90, King Air 200, King Air 350, Piaggio Avanti & Pilatus PC-12

Turbo Props are great for short air charter flights that require landing into shorter runways. Turbo Props can carry up to 9 passengers along with a combination of luggage, skis, or golf clubs. These aircraft are commonly used for flights less than 2 hours, however some have extended range and can travel up to 5 hours depending on the payload.  In comparison to jets, turbo props fly at lower altitudes and slower speeds of approximately 300 mph. These aircraft offer the luxury of private travel at reduced hourly costs.

Turbo Props of this class include:

Cessna Caravan

cessna caravan

King Air 90

King Air 200


King Air 350

KingAir - private jets - air charter - charter flight

Piaggio Avanti

PiaggioAvanti P

Pilatus PC-12