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18 Passenger Gulfstream IV / G450


18 Passenger Gulfstream IV / G450

Gulfstream Aircraft

Gulfstream IV / Gulfstream G450

U.S. Private Jets is proud to announce that it has access to a fleet of 16 and 18 passenger Gulfstream IV’s.  This is fantastic for large business groups or families that need to fly together without the hassles of the commercial airliners.

The GIV has a 10 hour flying range, providing clients nonstop access to international destinations.  This aircraft provides you with a full galley, full lavatory, flight attendant, and cabin access to the ample baggage compartment.

The configuration of these Gulfstream IV allows for the rear of the aircraft to serve as a bedroom.  So it’s perfect even for those with less than 10 passengers who need to rest.

To reserve your GIV for your next business or leisure flight, please call 212-931-4870.

Gulfstream IV / Gulfstream G450

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The G450 combines long-range capabilities with ample payload.Gulfstream G450

With eight passengers, the G450 flies nonstop from New York to São Paulo, Brazil, with miles to spare before reaching its maximum range of 4,350 nautical miles/8,056 kilometers.

Load the G450 with 14 people, their luggage and another 2,000 pounds/907 kilograms of payload, and the large-cabin aircraft still has range for a 3,700 nm/6,852 km trip, the geographical equivalent of flying from Singapore to Dubai.

  • 0.80MACH
  • 4,350RANGE (MILES)