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WAAS-LPV – Next Generation Navigation

WAAS-LPV – Next Generation Navigation

Air travel is safer and more cost-efficient with an enhanced navigation system known as Wide Area Augmentation System-Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (WAAS-LPV).

The WAAS-LPV system is a network of satellites and ground receivers across North America that tracks and fine-tunes readings from the Global Positioning System (GPS).

Because WAAS-LPV provides horizontal and vertical navigation, it is much more accurate than using only GPS. Aircraft equipped with WAAS-LPV have easier entry access at airports because they are allowed a flight status nearer to Instrument Landing System (ILS) rather than non-precision approach minimums.

A WAAS-LPV-equipped aircraft also has more accurate positional data, making landings easier and safer. The advanced navigation also allows jets easier access to smaller airports, which puts travelers closer to their final destinations.

Gulfstream G550An optional WAAS-LPV-capable receiver can be installed on new Gulfstream G150s during final-phase manufacturing or as a retrofit on all in-service Gulfstream G200, Gulfstream GIV and Gulfstream GV aircraft. WAAS-LPV is provided on all Gulfstream production aircraft as an upgrade to the PlaneView flight deck.


Benefits include enhanced safety, increased flight-planning options, cost savings and improved airport access, WAAS-LPV improves the efficiency of aviation operations through:

  • Greater runway capability
  • Reduced separation standards, which allow increased capacity in a given airspace without increased risk
  • More direct en route flight paths
  • New precision approach services
  • Reduced and simplified equipment on board aircraft

The FAA plans to develop approximately 8,900 WAAS-LPV approaches across the U.S.  As of March 2014, there were 3,379 such approaches at more than 1,666 airports.


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