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Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament – Fundraiser LSS

Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament – Fundraiser LSS

Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament and Fundraiser – LearningSpring School

SAVE THE DATE – On Saturday, November 16th starting at 6.00 pm, the LearningSpring School will host their annual Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament.

Come join the executives and clients of U.S. Private Jets as we have fun and raise money for LearningSpring.   Details on how you can participate will be announced shortly.

About LearningSpring School
Founded in 2001 and located in Gramercy Park area of New York City, LearningSpring School for children on the autism spectrum in grades K-8 is committed to advance the social, developmental and academic growth of its students through pioneering educational and therapeutic strategies in order to prepare each child to participate in the wider community. LearningSpring School is a 501(c)(3), non-public  school with approval and has the capacity to serve 108 students. Currently staffed with 70 employees encompassing teachers, therapists, and administration, LearningSpring School has an active Board of Trustees, Parent Association, and student body.

For over a decade, LearningSpring School has been dedicated to championing individuals living with Autism Spectrum Disorders and ultimately aid students to graduate from high school, pursue college, and grow to have independent and fulfilling lives. LearningSpring School is the first NYS school with a Gold certified LEED building. LearningSpring School’s NYSAIS accreditation, 2005 Blackboard Award for Excellence in Education, and appreciation from Hillary Rodham Clinton are among the many reasons parents apply and supporters partner with LearningSpring.  For more information, please visit


SAVE THE DATE – November 16th, 2013