Sicily magical wedding destination

Seems like Sicily is perfect to tie the knot.
I  love to use the expression “to tie the knot” because remembers me an interlacing.

A kiss on the rocks - Sicily Wedding Destination

Kiss me and you will see how important I’m!

What’s a Knot? It is a fastening made by tying a piece of string and symbolize unbreakable pledges.
You know what? In the celtic tradition the ancient knots are universal and represent the continuous cycle of existence found throughout the world.
The Infinity knot has no beginning and no end , symbolising Eternal Love.
To be brief , for me , the knot is merely a symbolic way to show a lasting unit between 2 people .

In the rocks of Cefalù - Sicily Wedding Destination

Where there is love there is life!

Because of this ,  I wrote that the article interested everybody .
In other words, from simple declarations of love, to grand, glamorous affairs of the heart, it’s always a question of tying a knot.
Whether it’s a   “Yes ,I do  ” or a  “Pop the question”  or “Renewing  the vote” or a “Honeymoon in  a Paradise”, I think Sicily is the “love” destination.

A sunset in Erice

Every sunset is an opportunity to reset

I will not talk in this article about the potential of a wedding destination as lucrative market segment .
I will not talk  about numbers of couples each year choose a destination.
Do you want just an idea? From UK 55 thousand couples choose to tie the knot abroad… wow…
I want to talk only about my Sicily and the reasons why to choose it.

You will tell me : “The world is full of options and it’s a dilemma how to choose the perfect spot” . Why Sicily?

bride and groom amongst the rocks in Cefalù - Sicily Wedding Destination

@Salvatore Cimino Photographer “Happyness is all of this with you”

I personally think that  the destination  selected  is one of the most important pieces of a wedding , honeymoon or promise puzzle

First of all : what makes a great wedding day? Is it great food, landscapes, music , guests ? Yes, yes, and yes . But there is something much more important to make an event  memorable. It’s the location. . and Sicily holds so much more.
It’s  glamorous, casual yet high end, and exclusive, so if you plan to have a special wedding or to do a proposal, you need look no further.

See, feel and taste the love spell that Sicily casts upon lovers.

typical Sicilian wedding

@angelo Chiello Master Photographer Wedding Grazie & Joseph       And so.. the adventure begins

Especially relevant is the fact that foodies will love the assortment of fresh local ingredients ,  vino and  class fare.
Moreover ,Sicilian cuisine makes the design of a memorable menu for your reception,  as  a breeze,
Sicily cuisine and culture to spare , combined with epic views , and it’s easy to see Sicily like a glamourous , romantic  destination .

Above all, don’t forget that Sicily is not only a  special love’s destination but also a photographers dream wedding shoot destination .
As a result, your pictures when you come back home will be simply wonderful.

bride and groom in a fisherman boat

@Angelo Chiello Master Phorographers “You make me happy in a way no one else can”

Specifically, can I  talk about the “day-after” in Sicily? .. I speak  in a photographic sense clearly.
The best photographers agree and encourage couples  to schedule a  “day-after ” shoot . The name to identify this new fashion is “Trash the dress”.
Because, even when  you are on a “timeless” island like Sicily, the wedding day can sometimes feel rushed. On the contrary, a day- after  shoot is a great way to create memories.
With this in mind , we must no forget  that, you have the time to take some off-site  pictures around town.

Trash the dress in the water

Trash the dress in the blue water

I’m sure ! to Tie the knots in Sicily is bound to captivate your hearts.
Sicily means,  friendly people, stunning beaches, breathtaking  landscapes, picturesque medieval villages, awe -inspiring sceneries , timeless noble palaces or castles , delicious cuisine.
Sicily is a charming kingdom place to enjoy and make memories that will last a lifetime.

It’s the perfect island escape to set the mood for romance on a honeymoon or to pop the question!

Honeymoon in Cefalù

@Angelo Chiello Master Photographers Honeymoon Anny & Gordon   “A list of reasons why I love you … You are you””

Last but not least , Sicily is a great place for your family and friends to take an extended holiday after your sicilian wedding or party .

Let me say you an other thing :
Sicily is the place where sands are white as smiles of the locals , where the weather is a  dream and warm  almost all year long , and the deep rays of the sun waits to engulf you in their arms

Are you sure , now , that you want to choose an other destination??
My heart suggests me that , after reading this article , you will think about Sicily and this will be your next destination . Because  Sicily  is the perfect place to disconnect and reconnect..

A puzzle of weddings in a map of Sicily

Sicily is the best place to tie the knot

In conclusion : continue to follow me.. and … in the second part of the article you will discover some special places to “tie the knot” and reasons why I love all this..
With this in mind, don’t forget to contact me if you need informations or help planning  a “special occasion” .
Here you have my e- mail :

“It takes just a moment to feel enveloped by a new and ancient feeling, enveloping and narcotizing at the same time. In particular, that moment when you put your foot on this island. And immediately, you understand that this land, this landscape, this light, belong to you. They are part of your DNA, of your roots, of your soul, of something that you feel yours (Claudia cardinale).

Therefore i can assure you that Sicily is part of my DNA!

a couple amongst boats in Palermo port

@Angelo Chiello Master Photographers     “Better than I was, more than I’m . And all of this happened by taking your hand”

Original article from Sicily in my Pocket

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