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Save money on airport transfers

airport transportation, airport chauffeur service Bermuda Limo US Private Jets

Save money on airport transfers

Save Money on Airport Transfers with U.S. Private Jets

airport transportation, airport chauffeur service Bermuda Limo US Private JetsAs of September 19, 2013, U.S. Private Jets has initiated a program that will allow its clients to save 50% on their airport transfers.  This is a joint effort to by U.S. Private Jets and Bermuda Limousine to maintain and deliver an exceptional and consistent level of service on the ground and in the sky.

Bermuda Limousine International, a New York based company, has been serving NYC residents since 1941.  With a fleet of over 100 vehicles based in NYC and thousands based everywhere else through their preferred affiliate network, Bermuda Limousine can arrange for pickups or drop offs any airport worldwide.  They are available 24/7 throughout the year.

Now when you charter a private jet through U.S. Private Jets, U.S. Private Jets will pay for 50% of your airport transfer booked through Bermuda Limousine.  This offer is valid for sedans, luxury sedans, limousine, SUV’s, and Club Vans.  This promotion is allowed for pickups and drop offs at the airport.  No multiple stop allowed.  Exceptions must be approved in writing by U.S. Private Jets.

To take advantage of this promotion and save money on your airport transfer, please contact your local travel specialist or contact one of our aviation experts and we’ll be happy to coordinate it for you.