The Relational or Experiential tourism in Sicily

Experiential tourism…Happiness and success are based all about relations … in all fields

A team building in Sicily

Building solid relations for lasting success

For years I worked about the concept of Relational or experiential tourism to be applied in Sicily.  With this intention , I used  the same method  which whom I “live” my holidays around the world.

To begin with , I think that the future of luxury tourism is not in products but in “experiences”.
Future is Experience .
“Experiences” is the new luxury tourism brand.

Cooking class in Marsala

Knowing the world through experiential tourism – Photo @angela macaluso

As a matter of fact , I’ve always been an “advocate”for experiential travel . The first thing I ask myself,  at the end of the holiday is :
what made the most impact on me ? The luxury of hotels ? the landscape? the food? the interaction with locals??

Each of this things left me something . Above all,  what impressed me more,  was the relationship established with some people I met . As well as  the  smiles of the locals .


A smile spreads positive energy – me in Tunisia photo @angela macaluso

Pondering why, I find relationships helped me with most things I do. And tourism is no exception.

To get back to the point, what still now I remember it’s not the date of construction of a church or a palace . My memories of my  trips are for exemple a meal consummed with “new friends” . Clients that for me are no tourists but friends. And , with whom I’m still in good relationships.

A cooking class in my home

Meeting the locals has never been more memorable – clients at my home – photo @angela macaluso

It’s a popular myth in the travel industry that the very rich only play golf and go to spas. Or,  they only do a safari if a tent camp has marble floors. Wealth is not enough..
Indeed, it is not any more about marble suites or gold-leaf interiors. …“
True luxury is slowing down. The wealthy people talked about returning luxury to its roots. They want something precious and rare. But most important, they invest in emotional value.

Picnic in Agrigento

A private picnic in the middle of history – The Valley of temples in Agrigento

For this reason, upscale traveler expectations are evolving. It’s necessary to understand that luxury means crafting a “Wow” experience. In other words, people are searching for unique destinations and good memories . They prefer to travel off the beaten path. In any case, they prioritize truly exclusive, one-of-a-kind experiences.
The Relational tourism it lets you tap into a local resource that others can’t. It gets you in private visits.

Oprah Winfrey in Sicily

A memorable experience for Oprah Winfrey and me – photo @Angela Macaluso

Experiential travel is a form of tourism in which people focus on experiencing a country or a particular place. Consequently , they are connected  to its history, people and culture. And it’s growing fast.
Similarly , when I travel , I have only a real interest. To interact in a genuine way with other people and cultures.

relational tourism is interaction

Interaction between cultures – Me in Morocco – photo @angela Macaluso

It is the evolution of the concept of luxury travel . It’s no longer based on owning some goods, but on relational well-being. The journey is an experience. It’s made of meetings , knowledge  and sharing of passions.
With this in mind, clients look to make authentic connections. On an emotional, spiritual , social and intellectual level.
Consequently, the added value of experiential tourism is, the  emotional element that has an impact on memory.

Incentive trip of members Chambre de Commerce de Lyon -

The Importance of relations in an incentive trip – Chambre de Commerce de Lyon in Sicily – Photo @Angela macaluso

In a relational holiday, the tourist learns something. In other words, he returns home not only with the photos but with the memory of the tour. Above all, with  the emotions of an experience and an enriched cultural baggage.

The experiential tourism

Exploring a more Enriching Way to Travel – The experiential travel – Clients = new friends    photo @angela macaluso

Sicily is a combination of experiences and relations ..
With this in mind , a travel to Sicily  gives the opportunity to live the relational tourism.
Sicily connects clients with special places, amazing people and a great culture.

cooking class at in a local family

Relations start with experienting the local kitchen – Cooking in a local family – Photo @angela macaluso

Given these points,  Relational or Experiential tourism MUST BE
To sum up, I can say that Relational or Experiential tourism must be:

Sunset in Marsala

It is never too late to experience the beauty of a sunset in Marsala- Place of my heart and my mind – Photo @Angela macaluso

In short,  Sicily is all this and more… believe me 

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