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Chartering a private jet

Chartering a private jet

The biggest barrier to chartering a private jet is cost. There are several factors that can drive the cost higher than others. Some of the most obvious as follows: aircraft category, quality of aircraft, number of flight hours, quantity of overnights, crew expenses, landing fees, and catering to name a few. However one of the biggest factors that most people don’t consider is the positioning cost of the aircraft. These cost add thousands of dollars to your flight quote. At U.S. PRIVATE JETS, we strive to minimize the re-positioning. Below is a list of primary factors used to determine price for a private jet charter.

The primary factors in determining the price of your private jet charter trip are:

Aircraft age
Original manufacture date
– Number of cycles on the engines
– Interior refurbishment

Safety status – Aircraft chartered by U.S. PRIVATE JETS are verified by independent auditors such as ARG/US or Wyvern.

Charter companies management, maintenance and acquisition costs

Number of hours the aircraft is available for charter in a particular year

Aircraft category – determined by
– Number of passengers – determines aircraft size
– Trip distance – Most charter companies require 2hr minimums for short trips
– Amount of baggage

Length of trip
– Same day round trip – occasional
– Weekend trip – typically require overnight costs
– Several days – The aircraft will likely not stay many days away from its base. This could result in double round trips.

Repositioning – Occurs when:
– Aircraft is chartered from an airport it is not based
– Not all airports are bases to aircrafts
– Aircraft availability shortage at desired airport

Airport Fees
Landing fees
– FBO Service fees
– Deicing (if required)

Fuel surcharge

Concierge Services requested
– In-Flight catering
– Luxury car rental or chauffeured transportation
– Hotel accommodation
– Tickets to requested events

U.S. PRIVATE JETS provides this information to its clients as an educational resource. U.S. PRIVATE JETS makes no claims that these cost estimates are absolute or fixed.

Please contact one of our private jet charter consultants to quote your trip