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5 Things to Know About Upscale Travelers


5 Things to Know About Upscale Travelers

Upscale travelers: on camels in Egypt

Exploring new destinations is the top motivator for upscale travelers

Why do wealthy travelers travel? How do they travel in style? And how do they make eco-friendly choices when they vacation?

Each year, the Virtuoso Luxe Report surveys the network’s elite travel advisors on where their clients are going, and what’s motivating them. This year’s report reveals five interesting trends that provide insights into upscale travelers.

Upscale travelers travel because they want to see new places.

The top five reasons the affluent are traveling are:

1) To explore new destinations
2) To have authentic experiences in new destinations
3) To rest and relax
4) To spend time or reconnect with loved ones
5) Personal enrichment

Exploring new destinations was also the top motivator in the last two Luxe Reports.

Recommendations from friends and family influence upscale travelers’ choices.

The five most influential sources of information for upscale travelers’ decisions are:

1) Word of mouth from friends or family
2) Travel advisor’s advice
3) Travel website reviews & recommendations (like the ones you’ll find on
4) Travel publications
5) Social networking sites

Upscale travelers prefer international trips of more than a week

Advice from a trusted source – travel advisor, friend or family member – is by far the most influential factor in luxury vacationers’ decisions.

Upscale travelers venture far and wide.

What is the most popular type of leisure trip clients are booking for 2015?

1) International trips, 8 days or longer
2) International trips, week-long
3) Domestic trips, 3‐5 days
4) Domestic trips, weeklong
5) Weekend getaways to drive‐to destinations

As in the past two Luxe Reports, longer international trips are the most popular style of vacation for upscale travelers, named two times more frequently than the second-place choice.

Business class is tops with wealthy flyers – not first class.

In what class of service are upscale travelers flying?

1) Business Class
2) Economy Plus or similar
3) Economy Class
4) First Class

The results, identical to last year’s, show Economy Plus as a more popular option as more airlines offer this choice.

upscale travelers: group of african children

Helping local residents is on the minds of sustainability-minded travelers

Upscale travelers are environmentally conscious.

Upscale travelers interested in the environment are most likely to support:

1) Activities that enhance the local economy or conservation
2) Local sustainability efforts
3) Hotels with green practices
4) Hotels that give back and/or support local residents
5) Giving back to local communities through monetary support

Travelers are increasingly concerned about the environment and how they can improve it through ecotourism practices.

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